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What are we all about?
We're all about fiber and creativity, but mostly about sharing - whether it be sharing our knowledge, techniques, materials, life stories or food. In this web site and our blog we would like to share our passion for our fiber life with you.

What do we do?
     We make stuff
         all kinds of stuff

Art quilts, surface design of fabric & paper, needle felting, machine embroidery, thread painting, free motion quilting, decorative stitch thread painting, applique, photo transfers, paper making, marbleing fabric & paper, dying fabric, printing, stamping, stenciling, computer design, clothing design, clothing re-purposing, glass mosaic.

As you can see we are quite versatile. In fact, each one of us brings a wide variety of ideas and techniques. So when you combine the passions from all 3 of us we turn into the fiber force extraordinaire.

How we first met:
Karen's Version:
I met Lynn in the very first decorative stitch thread painting class I taught at a store in West Frankfort, IL called Calico Country. At the end of class Lynn asked me if I would be interested in going to a Fiber Art Group meeting in Paducah, KY. We drove together to the meeting and on the way Lynn was stopping to pick up a friend Sharee Dawn who was also going to the meeting. Sharee Dawn had a house in Paducah that she was trying to sell. We started to do sleep overs at that house when we would go to the monthly Fiber Art meetings. We were drawn together by fiber art and stay together through fiber art.

Lynn's Version:
I had already met Sharee Dawn. We had been introduced by her sister Leslie and had gone to at least one of the Fiber Arts meetings before I met Karen at her class. After bringing Karen into the group. our sleepovers at Sharee's in Paducah brought the three of us closer together and started us thinking about collaboration.

Sharee Dawn's Version:

Why we started our group?
Koala Girls grew from our friendship and tossing around ideas of how we could share what we three enjoyed doing. Though we come to fiber from different directions and widely different experiences, our love for fiber underscores everything we do. It was on one of our Paducah trips that we decided to have some shared work sessions and agreed to meet two days once a month. We were fortunate that by this time Sharee Dawn had moved to Illinois and had enough studio space to accommodate the three of us working at the same time. She also has a great loft space where Karen and Lynn get to stay since our meetings include a sleepover.

How did we get our name?
We decided to call ourselves Koala Girls because the three of us had each purchased Koala Sewing Cabinets. Karen was the first to buy two cabinets for her studio, then Lynn bought one for her renovated space, and finally Sharee Dawn bought two for her newly built studio. It was in Sharee Dawn's new space that our name and the fun began!

When did we start our group?
We have been meeting since the Summer of 2013. We decide ahead of time what projects or techniques we'd like to work with and bring whatever supplies we need or works-in-progress. Of course, Sharee Dawn has the advantage of having everything there in an extremely well-stocked studio.